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Let Soundpad measure your voice volume
  1. File1 > Preferences2 > Audio3
  2. Click button4
  3. Follow instructions in Soundpad
  4. Click stop button to finish measurement
  5. Apply the changes
The voice volume should be above 74 dB, otherwise certain voice applications may filter out played sounds misinterpreting them as background noise. If your measured voice volume is lower than 74 dB, it is recommended to increase the overall microphone volume in Windows.
  1. User Settings1 > Voice & Video2
  2. Disable Noise Suppression3, Echo Cancellation4, Noise Reduction5, Automatic Gain Control6 and select Standard as Audio Subsystem7.
It's best to test the sound quality with a friend in a voice chat, because the mic test (Let's Check Button) doesn't represent the same quality as the actual voice chat.
The instructions are from 1st July 2021 and may not be up-to-date. If the instructions don't help, try to change other options in Discord, which might have to do with sound filtering.